Test Update

Diagnostic Testing for Scabies in Canterbury

The diagnosis of scabies is usually made clinically, as although laboratory testing can be performed by taking scrapings from the suspicious looking area of skin, this has very poor sensitivity. Like other regions in New Zealand, the positivity rate for scabies laboratory examination is very low in Canterbury, at < 10% of all collections. This […]

Discontinuation of Reporting Anti-thyroglobulin as part of the Thyroid Antibody Screen

From Monday 10th February 2020 Canterbury SCL (CSCL) and Canterbury Health Laboratories (CHL) will no longer report anti-thyroglobulin (anti-Tg) as part of the routine thyroid antibody screen. Given the superior clinical utility of anti‐thyroid microsomal (anti‐TPO) antibodies, when thyroid antibodies are ordered the laboratory will perform anti‐thyroid microsomal (anti‐TPO) antibodies only. The most common cause […]